Paint Your Face, Lesson 1

Hello! Today we’re going to do something different. I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a tutorial on eye makeup, so here goes. This is a design I made up called “Moonshine”.

First, you need supplies. A good foundation and pressed powder, black eyeliner (I prefer a pot and brush, it makes for a good line without the mess of a liquid) and black mascara. For the colors, I’m using Maybelline Color Tattoo in Asphalt, Gold, Pomegranate, and White.

So. Now wash your face and MOISTURIZE. You’ll look like this.

Next, lightly apply foundation, blend well, and finish with pressed powder. Make sure you use the products on your eyelids!

Next, cover your lids with the Charcoal shadow. Don’t worry if it’s a little uneven, we’re going to be doing a lot of blending.

Now, smudge the gold on. Start at the edge of your eye farthest from your nose and blend towards your nose. The gold should be above the charcoal on your lids, and heavier on the outside edge. Blend well.

Now, fill in your brows, line your eyes with your black liner, in a cateye shape, and pile on the mascara. You want lashes galore. Carefully line your bottom lashline with black, and smudge some Pomegranate shadow with the liner on the bottom.

Now take the white shadow and blot it into the inside edge of your eyes, blending it into the liner on the top and bottom.

Congratulations! You have successfully created “Moonshine”. Remember, the most important thing about makeup is PRACTICE. Use a gentle makeup remover and try over and over. Experiment. Do whatever makes you feel sassy. And have fun!


Paint Your Face, Lesson 1 — 8 Comments

  1. I’m not even sure what most of those products are. I’m hopeless as a girl. I own some brown eyeliner (the pencil kind–it comes in other ways?) and some lip goo. And somewhere a wand (?) of concealer for undereye circles. The last time I tried to use mascara, I poked myself in the eye, and ended up looking like a panda bear.

  2. Love me some eyeshadow! Liner is the utmost importance! On me no liner no eyes! I have to find a good mascara though,my lashes are wee and blond…eyelash curler is the devil though,I end up pulling out mine …

    • After literally DECADES of searching, I finally found the perfect eyelash curler. Mine are blond and recalcitrant, and we spit on the “awesome” Shu Umura one everyone raves about. Anyway, the good one is at CVS, has aqua/white handles and costs all of $4.19. Can’t recall the name of it, though but it’s with the cheap non-name-brand stuff.

  3. Very, very cool– Miss Banshee! I have two questions, though:
    1- I’m very blind without my glasses (I can’t wear contacts) and mascara hits the inside of my glasses. I’ve just been skipping it, but love the results when I wear it, so I’m a bit stuck.

    2- I have a constant small hand-tremor which makes doing any decent eyeliner a challenge(added to the nearsightedness issue). Any thoughts? If I can get liner to work, maybe the mascara won’t be needed.

  4. Love it! I was going to ask about some of your makeup secrets. The white in the inner corner is a great idea. I also never do eyeliner on the bottom, but maybe I will in the future. Thanks!

  5. I’ve actually been meaning to contact you because I know you’re always on the lookout for a good mascara. What’s your current favorite? I’m so tired of being let down by mascaras that promise thickening and lengthening by eleventykajillionpercent…and then I need to add that many coats just to Get my damn lashes to show up the ittybittiestbit. I should sue all of the mascaras for false advertising!

  6. I would absolutely love more makeup tutorials–mostly I don’t bother with it (partly ’cause I’m queer but mostly ’cause I’m inept and not a morning person), but every now and then I like to put on the femme, so I can see myself playing with styles like Moonshine from time to time. The latent goth in me lurves eyeliner, but this–“I prefer a pot and brush, it makes for a good line without the mess of a liquid”–kind of mystified me (like Sarah up there, I’ve never tried anything but a pencil), so hearing/seeing more about that would be rad.
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