Operation: Derby Part the Second

You guys. Seriously, YOU GUYS. Okay, first things first. YOU have managed to get me skates and a mouth guard. They’re on the way. I’m beside myself with gratitude. Before we get into anything else, here are the freaking angels who have helped the cause:

Jennifer Knappe
Lydia Ondrusek
Frank Tabor
Jannine Meloni
Sada Preisch
Susan Ellington
Mrs V A Chaplin-Langdon
Sarah Thiboutot
Abby Anderson (You can help Abby get to her dad’s bedside when he goes through his next cancer treatment by going HERE)
Meg Walker
Stephanie Kartalopoulos
Krista Grotto

Is that everyone? Did I miss anyone? Feel free to punch me in the face if I did. We’re getting there, people! I still have to get insurance and dues taken care of, but seriously, you guys. I cannot thank you enough. I seriously cannot thank you enough. I love y’all more than my luggage.



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