I’m Basically Live-Blogging Paint Drying Right Now

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. The job hunt continues. Thus far I have been approached by a car dealership in Pennsylvania, an insurance company also in Pennsylvania, and a mysterious business that would not even tell me what the job entailed. It’s not going so well, is all I am saying.

I have applied at mall shops, grocery stores, and Walgreens. I will dig ditches. I will write about whatever you want. A 2000 word dissertation about what dish detergent you should use? I would write that. I would write about how to survive on $16 a month in food stamps. I would write about dirt. I just need a damn job.

Yeah, my food stamps were cut to $16. You don’t hear about this on the news, but food stamps are being slashed across the board, and people are for real suffering. I am one of the lucky ones in that I don’t have to worry about putting food in a child’s mouth on food stamps, but $16 doesn’t buy much, even when you’re just feeding yourself.

And let’s be real here. I don’t WANT to be on food stamps. I want to work. I can work and keep my SSDI and dammit, I want to do exactly that. I want to be, eventually, completely independent of government assistance now that I’ve straightened myself out. I am ready, world. I am forever grateful that I have had my SSDI, because I’d be literally on the street without it, but I’m ready to venture out on my own.

Sorry for the rant, but the job situation is the most stressful thing going on in my life right now, and I feel so discouraged that if I was still smoking analog cigarettes, I would roll that tobacco up in my Master’s degree and smoke it. But something will come, I’m sure of it. Until that happens, I will persist in searching for a gig. Or two! I’m not picky!

Did you catch that bit I sneaked in there? I quit smoking cigarettes. Last pack was finished yesterday, and I don’t plan on buying any more. I use a vape now, and it’s gotten me completely off the analogs. It’s saving my lungs, it’s keeping money in my pocket, and frankly, it’s a lot more enjoyable than actual smoking. So big props to SquirrelBoy for giving me one of his vapes. He’s a good egg, that one.

I’ve also been crocheting up a storm. I made a blanket for Small Human’s birthday, and I’m going to make one for Tiny Human’s birthday as well. Until the birthdays arrive, I’ve whipped up some doily-sized pieces for each of them, which are now being carried EVERYWHERE. School, Target, softball practice…Those scraps of yarn get AROUND, man. Here’s the blanket I made for Small Human – I’m calling it the Faerie Catcher, and I hope she loves it.



I’m thinking of starting an Etsy shop for them. What do y’all think? Do you know a Tiny Human that would like a Faerie Catcher? All completely handmade, crocheted to order. It’s an idea, at least, and it keeps my hands moving, which is key.

I’ll leave you with this little tidbit. I’ll be recording a video for the incredibly awesome Project UROK this coming Tuesday, talking about my struggles with mental illness. Project UROK is an organization that helps raise awareness for teens with mental illness through videos made by people who have gone through it in their lives, and I am so incredibly pumped to be part of it. I’ll post the finished product here, of course, but I highly recommend you check out projecturok.orgĀ to see what these fabulous people are doing. I couldn’t be more excited to participate.

Have a great day, my beloved little squirrels! I’ll be here hugging the air conditioner.

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