Fiction Challenge: What Christine Told Me

I was challenged to write a short fiction based on the prompt “What Christine Told Me” and this is what I came up with. I hope you like it, fiction is not my forte.


“So you’ve been out and about again, eh?”
“Ah yeah. That’s kinda what I do.”
“Things been pretty tough at home.”
“So I’ve heard.”
“World’s going to feckin’ hell.”
“That’s why I wander.”
“Cause the quote, right? Not all are lost and all that?”
“Not all.”
“That’s lovely, really. I wish I could wander.”
“What’s keeping you from it?”
“Christine, I’m not brave like you.”
“That’s shite. We’re all braver than we think.”
“You still wear those awful concert t-shirts?”
“Well you gave them to me, didn’t you? It’s not like I’m gonna throw them out.”
“You still think of us? I mean…”
“Of course.”
“Really? Even me?”
“They talk about flings and experimentations, and I don’t think they realize that those are important too. They’re all part of the circle, luv.”
“If you break out into “The Lion King” I will punch you in the tit.”
“You haven’t changed.”
“You have. Look at you. You have little laugh lines.”
“I don’t sit at home moisturizing, you know.”
“We’re getting old.”
“It’s grand. I’ve met 101 year old women who are perfect in every way.”
“Tell me more, Christine.”
“In time. We have all night.”
“So we do. So we do.”


Fiction Challenge: What Christine Told Me — 2 Comments

  1. I love that synchronicity the happens between good friends who can fall right back in step with each other after a long time apart. I haven’t experienced it with an ex, but I’m sure it would work out something like your dialogue. Nice work!

  2. Welcome to yeah write! So glad you were able to navigate your way through the grids to post this. I like the way you were able to differentiate the voices of the two speakers even without dialog tags. It felt like I was eavesdropping on a very personal conversation. Really nice job. Hope we see you again!
    Christine last post: Ego

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