A Day of Pampering At The José Eber Salon

To say that getting my hair cut and colored at the José Eber Salon at 284 Millburn Ave, Millburn, NJ was a luxurious experience would be a gross understatement. On a mission from A Madison Mom to write about the experience, I gave them free reign over my tresses and ended up having a great time.

The salon is a grand place, gorgeous in its scope and spaciousness, and I was greeted warmly by one of their extremely helpful and glamorous employees.

This place is GORGEOUS

This place is GORGEOUS

Mr. Eber himself was there for the day observing and giving consultations, and I found him down to business and someone who truly delights in his work. “What is your lifestyle” was the first thing he said to me, and when I told him I was a bit of a funky free spirit, he told me immediately, “this haircut is too old for you. We will make you fresh and young, with very vibrant color. Does this interest you?” I heartily agreed, because when José Eber tells you what your hair should be doing, you do it.

So off to get shampooed I went, and then to Yoav Tauber, the master stylist, for a preliminary cut. Off came months and months of grown out and two toned hair (I have a bit of an obsession with hair dye) and I learned that Yoav had studied under Mr. Eber himself in Beverly Hills before opening the salon here in New Jersey.

My hair cut to a piecey pixie, I was whisked off to Creative Colorist Nicole Dapuzzo, a delightful and bubbly woman who described how she was going to remove the black dye from the bottom half of my hair before coloring it a rich purple. Having never had bleach in my hair, I was a bit nervous, but Nicole was wonderful.

A deep conditioning treatment and the coloring followed. Afterwards, I was brought back to Yoav, who finished my haircut. It was a big change, and I have to say that I loved every second of the process. The staff was lovely, and the salon was spotlessly clean and beautiful. All around me were women and men getting fabulous haircuts and color, and everyone looked very happy indeed.

I would highly recommend the José Eber Salon to anyone who wants to be pampered for a day. I give all my thanks to Mr. Eber and his team for a fantastic experience. Getting an experience like this doesn’t happen to me pretty much ever, so this was super exciting and fun!

Before and After!

Before and After!








*haircut and color were provided in exchange for this post


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