This Is Not A Star Wars Post Except The Parts That Are

First and foremost, thanks to everyone for reading the last post. Sponsored posts are SO not my thing, and it was really weird to write. Even my mom said “it wasn’t you. It wasn’t funny.” And I think that’s why I probably won’t be doing those any more. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with doing sponsored posts if that’s your thing. Not at all. And hey, who doesn’t like free stuff? But there were things that were not…me in that piece. So I think I’ll stick to my own yammering about random stuff and leave the sponsored posts to those who do them a lot better than I do.

This is not to say I LIED. I didn’t lie. I omitted. Because I didn’t want to seem ungrateful. ANYWAY. Yeah, sponsored things…not my bag. ONWARD.

I have no idea when or if people will read this because as we know, it is STAR WARS WEEKEND and everyone is talking about STAR WARS and NO SPOILERS and all that. I don’t have a single problem with this. I still remember what “Return of the Jedi” SOAP smelled like. So yes, I am a big Star Wars fan. Not as much as other nerdoms, like the Marvel Universe or the Whedonverse or Harry Potter, but I have absolutely no quarrel with Star Wars and it’s really cool to see so many of my friends geeking out to such a huge extent. So that’s nice to see. I probably won’t see it till it’s on Amazon Prime, but that’s fine. The rabid fans can have my seat. Save that seat for me when Deadpool comes out. Even stevens.

Although, and I am not lying in the slightest, if you were on Rte. 287 North this morning around 9 AM and saw a white Pontiac roaring down the road with a lunatic with purple hair rocking out to the Imperial March? That was totally me.

So I’m not at the movies tonight. I got back from group therapy at 2:00 and immediately changed into my jimjams and have no inkling of doing anything but veg out this weekend. Oh, and wrap the Smalls’ Christmas prezzies. And goof off with Holden, of course.

Me: Hey Holden. Hey. Baby. HAAAAAAAAAAAY.
Holden: ?
Me: Say something funny for the nice blog people.
Holden: silence
Holden: I said a hip hop,
Hippie to the hippie,
The hip, hip a hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it
To the bang bang boogie, say, up jump the boogie,
To the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.
Me: Thank yooooooooooooou. You can go back to Minecraft now.
Holden: Consider it done.

And with that, I bid you adieu. May the Schwartz be with you.



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