This Is An Antidepressant: A Rebuttal

Much has been discussed about this meme, and boy howdy do I have things to say.

No, this MEME is shit.

No, this MEME is shit.

What a…let me gather myself here for a second.


I am here to tell you, and with lots of righteous anger (I’m talking some Sam Jackson righteous anger) that this meme is what is wrong with the way a lot of people think about mental illness. And shit like this has got to stop.

There is nothing wrong with getting out of the house and fucking licking a tree, IF THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Personally, I have to remind myself every day to leave the house at least once. Some days, I have to remind myself to do other things, like leave the bed. And if I leave the bed, to shower. And eat. And breathe. Some days I go flouncing out of the house with my hair and makeup done and I have myself a perfectly acceptable day. Other days it seems like I weigh a million pounds, and all of those pounds are CONCRETE and there is no way I even have the motivation to turn on the goddamn Food Network because that is the only goddamn channel that guarantees to never make me watch the horrors that are going on in the world and the worst thing that will happen is Guy Fieri is on fourteen times in a row.

Some days are good. Some days are bad. But you know what? Every day, no matter what, I at least take my meds. Because we all know what happens when I don’t take my meds, don’t we, my beloved squirrels? Yes, bad things happen. Very very bad things happen. So I at least choke down my meds. And if I can choke down my meds, maybe I can sit up, and if I sit up, maybe I can get up. And everything is gravy after that.

If you don’t have to take meds, that’s wonderful. Good on you. But never, ever feel ashamed or bad or wrong for taking your meds. Know that we who have to take meds are doing it so we can stick around for another day. And that’s important. That’s SO important and never let anyone tell you otherwise. The stigma against meds helps keep us sick and in the shadows, and I am sick of it. I want us to shout about how we love ourselves enough to keep our bodies living for another goddamn day, and that day might both suck and blow, but at least we’re around for it. By opening our eyes we WIN. We win against the demons that live in our heads and all the forces that want to keep us down. We win against people like whoever was so bold and brass and IGNORANT to make this STUPID MEME that wants to keep us down.

And we don’t have to take it anymore.

We can fight the stigma. Some of us yell and scream and go to rallies and volunteer and work and hold jobs and have families and can pass as “normal.” Some of us reach out from under the blankets in the morning and fumble for our meds and take them and go right back under the covers. Some of us can’t even do that. Some of us are in psych units and rehabs and jails, some of us are so lost inside our minds that inside is all we know anymore. And most of us are somewhere in between all those places. But you know where we aren’t?

We’re not in the fucking ground. Not today.

So fuck you, meme, and fuck you, whoever made this meme and patted themselves on the back for it. Some people are extremely sweet and diplomatic about their rebuttals to this bullshit, but not me. I’m furious. Don’t worry if it scares you. I’ll be furious FOR you. And if you feel small, or invisible entirely, or ashamed because of this meme? I’ll hold your hand and do whatever I can to prove to you that this meme is wrong. It’s wrong. Not you.

This meme is wrong. Not you.

If you can go out into the sunshine today and that’s enough? Wonderful.

If you can open a window and look at the outside and that’s enough? Wonderful.

If you can reach out into the darkness and take your meds and that’s enough? Wonderful.

But don’t ever think whatEVER you do to stay above ground today isn’t enough.

It’s enough.

We’re enough.

We’re still here.

And that’s enough.

That's better.

That’s better.



This Is An Antidepressant: A Rebuttal — 4 Comments

  1. Miss B, your words here are magnificent. They’re usually excellent but this one is several orders of magnitude above the rest. Thank you.

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