Did I Mention I Got Published In MARCH? Obviously Not. Sigh.

Oh my lordo. Squirrels. I completely forgot that I didn’t put this up HERE when it was published back in March. Because let’s face it. I can get a weeeeeee bit scatterbrained at times. To say the least. Ahem.

Anyway, here’s a piece I wrote for The Establishment, a magnificent online publication that is skyrocketing in popularity due to covering some extremely serious and important issues. I was proud and honored that they chose me to be one of their contributors. Here’s the link:

See Me: Fighting The Invisibility of Mental Illness

I’ll be back soon, since the political arena is so fraught with issues that I’d love to address, and I promise some well needed silliness as well. I have loads of stories about babysitting the kidlets I live with, including snippets like this:

Me: SMALL. Put down the iPhone and get your buns in bed. Please.

Small: I dropped it.

Me: So…pick it up?

Small: I dropped it behind the couch.

Me: WHY…HOW…What were you even doing in that ROOM?

Small: You’ll never get it out.

Me: WELL NOW NEITHER WILL YOU. Wait. I am the adult.

Small. Mmm.

Me: I’m getting the crowbar.

So that’s why I was wielding a crowbar behind a couch. And I didn’t even swear in front of little ears. Cause they totally would have ratted me out.

Longer post soon. See ya!



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