On This, The Occasion Of Your 39th Birthday

It’s your birthday today.
You would have been 39.
And on June 30, I will turn 39.
You will be forever younger than I am.
You will be forever 38.
And 38 isn’t old at all.
You were always supposed to be 8 days older.
Ha ha, you get the last laugh.
Is there WiFi where you are?
Did you see what Adam wrote for you.
He’s an amazing writer,
Much better than I will ever be.
But you knew that.
He’s your soulmate, after all.

Your name is still in my phone.
That’s ridiculous.
But it’s still there
And it probably always will be.
Because “Call me any time!”
Was the last thing you said to me.
So I keep your number in my phone.
Just in case.


On This, The Occasion Of Your 39th Birthday — 3 Comments

  1. Aww Anastacia, no. There is nothing more to say. Such a tragic, tragic loss. She was beautiful and funny and never failed to make me cry laff over at MamaPop. So sad

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