Under Construction – The Drugstore Cowgirl

People! This blog is not going away!!!

The Drugstore Cowgirl

Yes, I have another identity on the internet, and yes, I have a weekly gig, but this blog isn’t going anywhere.

Yer stuck with me.

Cause I love ya!

I want to put my new blog stuff up, but I have to speak to Admin Aaron, cause building websites makes my eyes wander to shiny stuff. Then I mess everything up and BOOM, I’ve messed everything up. But this little corner of the internet isn’t going ANYWHERE. It’s just getting bigger. An extra limb, if you will. A new arm, with bangles and a large but tasteful cocktail ring. So that’s that.

This blog is a work in progress always. Just like me! And yes, content. Which I will try to bring you next week, cause this week is fried banana chips insane. You can read my style things thus far here at A Madison Mom, where I try new products, review services and beauty/style stuff, and have fun. That’s it for now, hope you’re well, my beloved little squirrels. Cause I’m doing great.

A million kisses (in the European way, dahling, mwah mwah)

Miss Banshee

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